Commercial Photography

I like good advertising!  Crisp photography can draw me into a story and help me experience the product or service being delivered.  As a former Director and VP of Marketing, I know how to leverage good photographs to drive revenue and profits.  

My commercial corporate storytelling photographs are designed to tell my client’s story.  These aren’t spur of the moment shots taken with an iPhone.  These are well planned photo shoots with professional camera gear and lighting.

The image on the right was taken for Access Laser Corporation.  Magazine covers are great as magazines usually given away for free!  Editors are always looking for good cover photos.  These images take planning as they need to be sized as an 8.5 x 11 with room left for the top banner and list of contents.  Commercial photographs can be used for advertising, magazine articles, web pages, eBooks, PowerPoint presentations and annual reports.   

Industrial and Manufacturing Photography 

Commercial Product Photographs

Do you have a company or project that has a story to be told?  Please contact me to discuss. 

Cover of Laser Focus World Magazine

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